Getting CVS Version


Could someone give me some guidance on getting the version of Balsa
currently in CVS?  I don't generally use CVS, so this is new territory for
me.  I looked at the instructions for using CVS on the Gnome site and
attempted to follow their instructions, though they relate to Gnome and not
Balsa.  I was unable to actually log in, though I'll keep trying.  

Once I am able to login to CVS, what files would I need to retrieve in
order to successfully compile Balsa?  If the procedure is too complicated
to bother documenting at this point, I'll happily wait until the next
release and continue to use the fetchmail arrangement I already have.
However, if someone can give the procedure, I'll be happy to maintain a
document explaining what to do so future questions like this can just be
directed there.


Troy Denkinger  

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