Balsa Core Dump w/out ".baslarc" file. (was Re:I hate this)

//  Unable to connect to Server Port 35091 /home/digital/.balsarc: 1:
// parse error *** Could not load configuration file .balsarc Seg Fault
// (Core Dumped!)

// At first I got a core dump because I did not have the file, and the
// above error was generated from having an empty .balsarc (touch'ed.)  I
// looked on the WWW site for rules on how to make a configuration file,
// but not luck. Any help would be appreciated!

Hmm, hen .balsarc does not exist, you are generally propmted for your Mail
directories in an nifty assistant-like dialog. It normally does not crash.

The problem is not with .balsarc I think but rather with ORBit.
Do you have compiled a fresh cvs ORBit version recently ?

In this case you should recompile balsa entirely.

In general, when sending crash reports, try to send a gdb stack trace, at
least to give an idea of what happening.

cd balsa/src/
gdb ./balsa
(wait for the segfault)

and send the resulting lines.

Also give ther version you have compiled.



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