Re: patch: reading signature file when needed

[Bruno Pires Marinho]

|   I was thinking in using a way of caching the signature (using stat
|   to know if the file changed and a global variable with the last
|   time the file changed) but I don't have mutch time now... maybe
|   you can do that.

Before doing anything, I would like to know what you intend to
acchieve by caching a small file that is used (read) only when the
user opens a composer window.

If anything should be done to the signature reading code, I think it
should be the following:

  * Get rid of the stat and lseek, and just do a sequential read. This
    would allow non-reqular files (such as named pipes). Of course
    this complicates the dynamic buffer allocation a little bit, but
    not much.

  * If Balsa is intended for hackers as well as for "the rest", it
    would be cool to support some perl'ish "~/bin/sig_generator |"
    (note the trailing vertical bar), meaning that the signature
    should be the output from the given program.



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