Re: Compiling debian packages..

> Mini-rant: Even when developing new software, always work with the current
> released stable versions of other libraries unless you're quite convinced
> you need the new features in the new versions.  If, for ex. balsa 0.6.1
> were to depend on a new gnome-libs as yet unreleased, this would vastly
> decrease its usefulness. I see far too much software I'd like to try, but
> it's too much hassle for me to even test it out since it requires me to
> upgrade to the CVS version of (for example) the gnome or KDE libraries.
> Ditto all of the above for docbook!

Hmm.. maybe that came out a bit too vitriolic! Sorry.  Nothing aimed at
anyone, just a general rant :-)

Happy Xmas all!


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