OK -

Word wrap defaults to 74 chars, and it's now in the Misc page w/ the 
prefix char & font info..  I'm not sure where they should go in the new 
preference pages -- I'll leave that up to Ragnar.

Would anyone object to having the init code default to /home/user/mail 
instead of /home/user/balsa?  Every time I get rid of my .balsarc I find 
myself wondering why I'm staring at the source in balsa itself (then I 
realize it pulled in my src/ directory).  A quick test seemed to show 
that balsa can share mailboxes pretty effectively w/ pine -- is there a 
conflict between mailers that I'm not aware of?

Finally, on the delete thing:  I put some debug messages in the code to 
confirm that the delete requests are being sent to libmutt, and as far as 
I can tell they are.  I even stepped through mutt's flaglib.c and the 
messages are being flagged.  mx_sync_mailbox is returning normal 
(success) values.  My non-scientific sense of the problem is that it 
happens more often when you delete several messages and close the mailbox 
immediately.  Is it possible that closing the mailbox clears the latest 
changes and that libmutt just hasn't written the changes to the mailbox 


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