Balsa Release


as you asked for suggestions what should go into the next release of balsa, 
I have two points on my list, which actually seem to be really simple but could
make life using balsa a lot easier:

(1) Could we have it, that double-clicking (=opening) a mailbox in the mailbox
tree, when its already open, brings that notebook to the foreground? (I often
doubleclick it, and wonder why I am still looking at the wrong mailbox)

(2) Could we extend the mail context menu by reply/forward commands, that
provides fast access to those commands and one does not have to select a mail
and go back with the mouse to the toolbar.

If noone else thinks that should be done right away, I might get it done over
the weekend, though I still have the rewrite of the druid stuff on my list (just
because I wanted to play with gnome-druid anyway and its commented with "could
be rewritten at some point" anyways) and did not manage to do it since days...


Knut Neumann                           

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