Features for next release - and projected date?

First a quick question -- can someone give me a quick rundown on how to
update the ChangeLog?  When I try to edit it manually and commit it
directly CVS dumps me into vi.  When I use emacs C-x v-a it am able to
edit the comments for changed files, but it still doesn't 'go through'.  I
don't mind using -m "message", but it might be helpful to leave a record
in the ChangeLog.

Ok, more importantly:

Should we come up with list of features we do and don't want to put into
the next release?

>From the last couple days' messages I have...

Fix address book segfaults
Hector's SMTP support
Issue with missing pixmaps (including attachments, which still don't work
for me.)
Some GnomeDruid issues.
Moving messages to trash on delete?

If I've missed something it's just oversight - I'm not trying to exclude
anyone's suggestions.  :)

The following are things I'd personally like to do at some point, but
which might not all make it into the next release:  

Support for multi-threaded mail sending. (fairly major)

Create custom widget based on GtkText or GtkExText that works more
intuitively for composition (major)

Some kind of automatic word wrap in preview pane, etc.  (?)

Add option for progress display (while retrieving/until closed/never)

Any feedback on which if any people might want in the next release?

Ok - final issue:

I also don't want to rush anything out for an arbitrary deadline, but it
might help to pick a proposed date and aim for that.

Just to pick a point to start the discussion:  How would 2 weeks be?


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