Re: Removing mutt-isms?

Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> There is no doubt that libmutt is a hack... but it is *so so so so so so so
> so* much better than c-client in terms of speed, etc.  I will be starting a
> new mail library with a lovely API shortly.  You say you know IMAP, POP3, etc,
> so I'm hoping that you will be able to work on this.  It is still in the
> beginning stages, but it will be getting started shortly.

I was thinking along the same lines; yes, please do post it.

One thing I don't like about libmutt (besides all the globals and such)
is that it hardcodes TCP socket logic.  I would prefer to have a POP3
module that would call a networking module to do all the "real work".

While I'm throwing out ideas, I would also like to add a progress dialog
for Check New Mail, like Netscape's.


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