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Hi Max,

On 6 April 2012 11:21, Max <sakanamax gmail com> wrote:
Dear ALL:

According the proposal"">

We will have
* 3 Keynoes ( GNOME 3.4 | The GNOME Foundation | Platium Sponsor  )
* 14 talks ( 2 tracks | each 7 talks )
* 12 Lighting talks ( 2 tracks | each 6 [ 5 mins / 30 min])
for one day

If you think everything will fit in the time span, it looks good!

I think you can have a better dividing the day in 1 hour spans.

Should we create the program page now? ( we must discuss it ^^)
*But we must confirm ( for program page)
-- 2 tracks session
---- Basic 2 tracks and 2 rooms

-- how many rooms we have? 
----how big,Room number( It's not important now !!)
Depending on an estimate number of students attending!
----We should send the document to CityU as soon as possible

-- how many Platium Sponsor?
as many as we can get! :)

-----It depend our call for sponsor, I mean if our platium sponsor
increase, we must adjust some block

-- Is it a good idea put some key notes in afternoon ?  ( After Lunch )

I think, keynotes should be at the beginning of the event.
------ I mean   2 keynotes  and 4 talks in the morning  1 keynote and
10 talks in the afternoon
------ Does it make sense, I think if we put all talk in the afternoon
- maybe some people will come in the after noon -- and we could have
two type (keynotes and talk) for half day

We should send the document to CityU as soon as possible ^^

Feel free to make adjustments to the letter I drafted to needs but when it's done, please get it confirmed from either Emily, Brian or Karen.

Best regards


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