Re: Indian VISA

Dear Ryan,

Please apply for a tourist visa as everyone else is doing. Just say you're visiting India for 2 weeks holidays and it's fine.

Thank you.

ps: we're not a registered non-profit in India and we didn't go through the confusing conference registration process.

On 03/10/2011 01:55 AM, Ryan Lortie wrote:

It looks likely that I will attend the summit this year. I
need to get a visa rather quickly.

I called them because the process of getting a visa is extremely
confusing. I'm not entirely sure what category of visa I should apply
for and neither are they. The guy I talked to on the phone seemed to
think that it would depend on the following things:

- if the conference had clearance from the ministry of home affairs
- clearance from the state government
- clearance from the ministry of external affairs

and also if the organiser of the conference were a registered non-profit
group in India.

I was planning to apply for the tourist visa, but he seemed to think
that either a business or conference visa would be necessary.

Can someone please clarify for me which visa will get me into India for
the purpose of attending this event?

Also: if I need a conference or business visa, I will need an invitation
letter from the organisers. Here's my info:

Passport #: JQ403032 [1]
Affiliation: self employed
Letter addressed to:

VFS Canada
939 Eglinton Ave East, Unit 102
Toronto, ON M4G 4E8

(apparently they outsourced their visa processing to a private company)

I'll be staying at the hotel that the conference has booked.

I'm arriving on the 26th and leaving on the 5th.

Thank you

[1] I'm having my passport reissued since India requires it to be valid
for 7 months. This number will probably change.

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