Re: GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 - Talks Accepted


We have the honour to inform you that your talk(s) [1] had been accepted
and arranged into GNOME.Asia Summit 2011.


As next steps, we will schedule your talk(s) according to your preferred
date(s) and the whole program schedule (with exact timeslots) will be
announced at in mid March.

Please kindly *REPLY* this email and

1) send us a high resolution photo (to be placed in our website and / or
marketing materials)

2) your t-shirt size (from XS to XXXL)


Your response before March 7th 16:00 (UTC) will be appreciated.

3) Please upload your slide(s) on or before March 30th [2]

We will also provide a hotel room reservation service to all our
speakers with a bargain price (30% discount). The daily rate of one room
will be around $75 / room [3], one room is equipped with two single beds
and can accommodate 2 persons. If you need this service, please let us
know by providing dates of hotel check-in and check-out. Besides, if you
are willing to share a room with another speaker in order to save cost,
please let us know if you have any preferred room-mate. Please also note
that this service is only limited to booking, if you need any subsidy
[4] to pay for travelling and / or accommodation, please follow the
travel subsidy policy [5] to apply. The application deadline of travel
subsidy is March 8th, 2011 14:00 UTC.

You may go to FAQ page [6] for details of transportation recommendation
from the airport to your hotel. If there is any problem during your stay
in Bangalore, please don't hesitate to contact Bharath Acharya at
+919945767068 or Akhil Laddhaat +919986300053.

Since you are our speaker, you do not have to further register yourself
at our web site in order to join the conference, please just go to our
speaker reception on the day(s) of the conference to redeem a speaker
badge. However please help us to spread the word or invite your friends
to join us as we will be opening our registration to public soon.

Please also note that your talk(s) and participation will be recorded
during the event. In order to promote Free Software culture, please
allow us to release still pictures and recordings (audio and/or video)
of your talk(s) and participation at this event. Recordings will be
released under the "Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike
<> 3.0 Unported" [7] or "Creative
Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial
<> 3.0 Unported" license [8].

I choose the "<> 3.0 Unported"


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