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On Wed, 2011-01-19 at 12:44 +-0800, Pockey Lam wrote:
+AD4 On 01/19/2011 12:18 PM, Pockey Lam wrote: 
+AD4 +AD4 Dear all, 
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 According to our discussion during the meeting yesterday, I have
+AD4 +AD4 revised the call for paper submission deadline as below: 
+AD4 +AD4       +ACo February 13 2011 : Deadline for submission of abstracts 
+AD4 +AD4       +ACo February 20 2011 : Notification of speakers 
+AD4 Knowing that we have a lot of concerns to approve travel subsidy
+AD4 before getting enough sponsors. 
+AD4 I have discussed with Bharath, Lakhil and Fred, and would like to
+AD4 suggest to have two rounds of notification: 
+AD4 1st Round Notification of Speakers: February 20 2011
+AD4 2nd Round Notification of Speakers: March 6 2011

+AD4 For the 1st round of notification, we will approve those GNOME
+AD4 contributors we have been targeting for the hackfest i.e. GNOME
+AD4 marketing, release, documentation teams, GNOME Shell developers, etc.
+AD4 Since they are the key persons to the whole event, we should notify
+AD4 them as soon as possible so they have enough time for preparation. 
+AD4 For the 2nd round of notification, we can approve additional speakers
+AD4 if there is enough budget from our sponsors. It will also help to
+AD4 decide if we need a 2nd day of the conference as well. What do you
+AD4 think? 


This sounds reasonable.

- Akhil

+AD4 - Pockey
+AD4 +AD4 It should give enough time for participants to get VISA, travel
+AD4 +AD4 subsidy if necessary and have their tickets booked. Please let me
+AD4 +AD4 know you are okay with it. 
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 - Pockey
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 On 01/18/2011 12:50 PM, Pockey Lam wrote: 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 On 01/18/2011 12:21 PM, Akhil Laddha wrote: 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 10:29 +080, Pockey Lam wrote:
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 The Call for Participation has the following time line
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4       +ACo February 6th 2011 : Deadline for submission of abstracts 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4       +ACo February 13rd 2011 : Notification of speakers 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 I have a small concern.
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 We are thinking for keeping 'deadline for sponsorship' for companies by
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 Feb 15, 2011. So when we notify speakers by Feb 13, 2011, we won't have
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 much idea about total sponsorship. Later when speakers apply for travel
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 subsidy, we may have to take decision based on the sponsorship what we
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 would have received. I hope it will be fair to assume that we may not be
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 able to sponsor all the notified speakers.
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 I proposed the date of deadline for call for papers before I
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 received the call for sponsors draft :-) 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 No problem, let's talk about how to synchronize the deadlines for
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 both call for paper and sponsors in the meeting today, please feel
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 free to propose a date during the meeting, thanks+ACE
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 Pockey
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 - Akhil
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 asia-summit-list mailing list
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 asia-summit-list mailing list
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 asia-summit-list mailing list
+AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4
+AD4 asia-summit-list mailing list

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