Starting a GNOME User Group in Indore (India)

Hi Abhinav,

It's nice to have you joined the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011! Knowing that you are interested in starting a GNOME user group in Indore, India,
I would like to share some more information with you and let's continue the discussion here!

In order to start your GUG, you just need to have passion and love to GNOME, talk to a few motivated friends and then start your first meeting! Don't forget to announce your GUG establishment in the following mailing lists as
we are here to help and support you!
1. gugmasters-list :
2. gnome-asia-list :
3. marketing-list :

Once the group is established, please add your group to so other people can find your GUG from our list.
Regarding building a website, if you need help of having a domain name or hosting service, please feel free to let us know.

For more information, please go to: (for building GNOME user group slide)

Besides, we noticed that there is a demand of purchasing GNOME merchandises e.g. tshirts in India :)
If your GNOME user group is interested in building or working with other companies to provide GNOME merchandises (with reference of to Chennai or the Indian market, please consider to sign the "Trademark Agreement for Users Groups" with the GNOME Foundation which you can find here:

If you would like to help us to establish a GNOME store in India, please send board gnome org a signed copy of the form if you find it agreeable.

All the best and do keep us posted on the status of your GNOME User Group!


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