May 19, 2010 - IRC meeting notes

Dear all,

please find below the captioned meeting notes for your reference:


0) How to make decisions that needs agreement from both GASC and CT - 10

1) Vote for a common tagline - 10 mins
        Option 1: Open web and mobile technologies (by Brian)
        Option 2: Web technology anywhere (by Timothy)
        Option 3: Open Web, Open Mobile! (by Pockey)
        Option 4: Gateway to open mobile web (by Pockey)
              * both sides choose option 1: Open web and mobile
                technologies as our common tagline.

2) Discuss about a common name of the event
        e.g. COSCUP / GNOME.Asia Summit 2010 - 10 mins
              * Conclusion: common name of our co-event: "COSCUP /
                GNOME.Asia 2010"

3) Discuss about web development - 10 mins

      * confirm layout updates - feed back welcome
      * confirm GAS logo guide
              * Monochrome?
              * change relative positions of text and graphics?
      * decide what should appear on the website banner.
              * common title?
              * tagline?

live on irc:
      * yippi: mobile website
      * because GASC website team leader terral is not online in the
        meeting yet. the talk on website would be on the mailing list or
        later irc meeting.

4) Budget updates - 10 mins

      * discussing...
      * the original formula gives the funding to who approaches
        them. and that includes common sponsors, too. 
      * summary: both team will have a common list of potential
        sponsors, and each team will sign up for sponsors to contact.
        The basic priniciple is: for sponsors that has only sponsored
        one event, that event team can contact them. For common
        sponsors, we have settled that COSCUP takes Nokia (done), and
        GASC takes Google, Sun and Mozilla.
      * Action Item: Ernest/Pockey/Emily: come out the first version
        common sponsor list. then let sponsorship team to update it.
              * at the same time, once we got any new confirmed
                sponsors, also update each other, and put them on our
              * CT's list - Canonical, Trend Micro, Opera Taiwan, OSSF,
                痞客邦(Pixnet), 資策會 (創研所), Yahoo!, Marvell, Arm,
                晶心科技, Samsung, OIN, 達維飛碼 DeviceVM, Canonical 
              * GASC's list: Intel, motorola , Google, Sun, Nokia,
      * Action Item: it would be nice if we can create a combined budget
        sheet, and label which items are GNOME.Asia only, which are
        COSCUP only, and which are shared.
      * Action Item: Rex send PockeyLam1 detail budget sheet.

5) Update each others' progress - 10 mins each side (if time allow)

      * CFS process flow alignment
      * CFP informations sharing to avoid topics/speakers duplication.
      * TBD...

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