May 11, 2010 IRC Meeting Notes

Dear all, 

Please find below the meeting notes prepared by Ernest (who is the
contact person from COSCUP for the co-organization) for the IRC chat
yesterday with COSCUP team. I also copied him in the email, please feel
free to ask question and continue the discussion. 

COSCUP asked a few questions at the end: 

7) Answer any question from COSCUP :) or anything COSCUP may want
to discuss(Booth team) Need GAS provide information in the future (Can
be discussed offline.) 

      * Will be there posters/DM/exhibits of GAS? (booth team needs to
        arrange the booth locations and layout.) 
      * ===> Answer from us: I think it's a co-event, we should share
        the same posters / DM, for exhibitions with both logos as
        header, let's see if we can find any local community / GNOME
        developers to make one, what do u think? 
      * Need any power supply at GAS booth? 
      * ===> Answer from us: yes, definitely if we have booths
      * Need any power supply at GAS sponsors' booth? 
      * ===> Answer from us: yes for sponsors' booth if there is any 


Date: 5/11, 2010 

Time: 22:00~ (TWN, UTC+8)

Format: IRC Meeting 



1) Introduce core team and its responsibilities from each side 

GASC side: 

      * Pockey Lam: GAS committee member, mainly responsible for
        marketing and promotion of the GAS event 
      * Emily Chen (program): start the GNOME.Asia since 2008, working
        in Sun China. GNOME foundation member and GNOME.Asia Committee
      * Fred: been involved in GNOME.Asia Summit since 2008 
      * yippi: Brian Cameron, the secretary for the GNOME Foundation
        board of directors. I am helping to provide operational support
        for organizing this event. 
      * Will LaShell (terral) (website): website and system development,
        founding member of the Asia Summit. 

COSCUP Team (CT) side: 

              * Convenor: Jouston Huang 
              * Program committee chair: Bob Chao 
              * Sponsorship lead: Rex Tsai 
              * Web lead: medicalwei 
              * Web team member: Tim 
              * Advisors: pingooo 
              * Contact Window: Ernest Chiang 

2) Talk about the shared tag-line (Theme of the co-event)

      * proposal: "open web and mobile technologies" (To be discussed

3) Discuss about website development and registration system

      * Website development 
              * Other than portal page, the website contents are shared.
                (possibly by linking) 
              * <pingooo>: Let me try to understand what "shared" means.
                Will and
       have identical content?
                <PockeyLam1>: pingooo: yes, same content, maybe even
                point to the same webpage
                <terral>: chihchun: that way each conference can keep
                information specific to itself maintained separately 
      * Registration system 
              * Combine the registrations into one. 
              * Adding a column to indicate the interest of COSCUP and
                GAS sessions in registration form. 
      * will have another conversations afterwards. 

4) Share information about sponsorship

      * Sponsorship Open Discussion Topics: 
              * Exchange CFS of both side. 
                      * COSCUP -
                      * GAS -  
              * Contacted: 
                      * CT: Nokia, Samsung, KKBOX, Microsoft, Yahoo!
                        Taiwan, Opera Taiwan, OpenFoundry, Pixnet, III,
                        Trend Micro, Canonical, Google, Intel, TTN,
                        Cavium Networks, Linpus, IBM, Novell 
                      * GASC: Sun/Oracle, Mozilla, Google, Intel 
      * Confirmed: 
              * Sponsoring for co-event. 
              * GAS's sponsorship levels and price tags will be aligned
                with COSCUP's CfS. 
      * Issues: 
              * profits shared as 50/50? (Refer to agenda item#6.) 

5) Share information about speakers 

Information Sharing: 

      * (Same break time frames)
        During the two-day joint-conference, there will be 2 tea breaks
        and one lunch time each day. We need to keep these three time
        frames the same between GAS and COSCUP. Base on the same three
        break time frames, we can have different program time slots for
        GAS or COSCUP. (For example, if we have a 10:00-10:30 tea break,
        both GAS and COSCUP have the same break time frame. Then GAS can
        have a 10:30-11:00 & 11:00-11:30 sessions, and COSCUP has a
        10:30-11:30 session.) 
      * (Opening & Closing)
        We plan to have joint-opening at 09:10-09:20 on Day1, 10-min
        duration, both GASC/CT team members can have a short speech.
        Closing will be at 17:00-17:30 on Day2. We can discuss if we
        have closing together or separately. (Based on the history, we
        have known that CT's closing may be very . and would like to
        share the joy with GAS:) 
      * (Program committee schedule)
        1. COSCUP CfP is online and sending.
        2. 6/18: deadline of CfP
        3. 7/4: announce joint-conference agenda/program 
      * (Conference room arrangement)
        There are 4 different size conference rooms. We propose to
        assign sessions to rooms based on popularity of sessions,
        determined by the number of registrants that pick a session
        during registration. Basically, we may not have dedicated two
        rooms for GAS and the other two for COSCUP. We can arrange
        meeting room based on popularity of sessions each half-day.
        (Event staff team will help to change/update doorplates.) 

Program Open Discussion Topics: 

      * plenary talks 
              * In the joint-conference proposal, it mentioned about
                "Plenary talks that span 2 tracks". It's also possible
                to "span 4 tracks" which may be helpful for sponsorship
                or marketing. Let's keep it as a open-mind discussion
                topic. If any of us (GASC or CT) may need one
                span-4-tracks speech, the program committee of both side
                can discuss the practicability. :) 
              * 3 plenary talks and not more than 4 plenary talks. (only
                for diamond sponsor) 
              * scheduled 45 minutes for each plenary talk (normal talk
                is 30 minutes, BTW) 

6) Discuss about budgeting 

      * COSCUP budget: 
              * [TODO] we can mark which items are optional 
      * <yippi>: perhaps a weighted formula would work best. For
        example. Perhaps 50% of the profits are split 50/50 and 50% of
        the profits are divided by which team got the sponsorship money.
        <yippi>: or perhaps sponsorship money from organizations which
        are known to donate to both events are split 50/50, and
        sponsorship money from events that are not typical sponsors of
        both events go to the organization that got the sponsor 
              * The formula proposal would be discussed offline by email

7) Answer any question from COSCUP :) or anything COSCUP may want
to discuss(Booth team) Need GAS provide information in the future (Can
be discussed offline.) 

      * Will be there posters/DM/exhibits of GAS? (booth team needs to
        arrange the booth locations and layout.) 
      * Need any power supply at GAS booth? 
      * Need any power supply at GAS sponsors' booth? 

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