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Dear all,

I have been contacted today by FPT, an IT company in Vietnam (Hanoi apparently), who is interested to co-organize the summit as well as supply volunteers and maybe even become a sponsor.

Just read the email I received and let me know how you feel about it. It's nice to see other parties interested and eventually willing to bring a bigger audience to our conference.


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Subject: 	Gnome Asia Summit
Date: 	Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:49:22 +0700
From: 	namnd <namnd fpt com vn>
To: 	Frederic Muller <fred beijinglug org>

Hello Frederic Muller,
I'm Nam from FPT, an IT company in Vietnam (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FPT_Group). I'm from Hanoi but currently I'm in a business trip to Saigon, and I met several SaigonLUG people here, and they told me about Gnome Asia Summit. I was the manager of FPT Open Solutions (open source development center of FPT) and hosted a few big open source events. I'm eager about the opportunity for Vietnam to host an important international open source *development* event. There was many open source events in the past, but there was not about developing software. The CEO of FPT, Nguyễn Thành Nam, is also a big supporter of free software movement (he had a talk in Software Freedom Day Hanoi 2007, organized by me http://www.fpt.com.vn/vn/tin_tuc/2007/09/20/403/) So I want to ask if FPT can join hosting the event. We can dedicate good number of staff and many volunteers to help organize this event. I think FPT may be interested to be a sponsor as well, but I am not responsible for PR so I have to ask the PR department before being sure about it.
Looking forward to your reply,

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