Re: Possible Candidate host for next summit 2010 - Taiwan? How do you think ?

Dear all, 

With reference from the call for host 2009, I drafted a call for
invitations to host the GNOME.Asia Summit 2010 as below. Let's finalize
it and try to send out earlier this time. Besides, we can collect
proposals to select maybe the upcoming 2 to 3 years host :)


Call for invitations to be the host of GNOME.Asia Summit 2010
        Dear GNOME friends, 
        GNOME.Asia Summit is the yearly GNOME Users and Developers Asian
        Conference. The first GNOME.Asia Summit was hosted in 2008 in
        Beijing, China and then 2009 in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam. We
        would like to continue this tradition and spread GNOME
        throughout the whole Asia. 
        For those of you who would like to host the next GNOME.Asia
        Summit in 2010 you are hereby invited to write a formal proposal
        to the GNOME.Asia Committee list at asia-summit-list [at] on or before 31st March 2010. 
        The GNOME.Asia Summit will focus primarily on the GNOME desktop
        including both applications and development platform in addition
        to larger GNOME-related community in Asia. The Summit aims to
        bring together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum
        for users, developers, foundation leaders, governments and
        businesses to discuss a varied range of topics relating to GNOME
        and the GNOME community in Asia. Learn more about GNOME.Asia
        Summit from our website at
        Since 2008, the Summit has successfully established an active
        committee to assist the local coordinators, but there is a
        definitive need for individuals actively involved and committed
        to planning and execution of the Summit. There are challenges to
        work through but the process can be very rewarding and a lot of
        fun. It's also proven that the Summit has helped a lot in
        building local communities for GNOME and FOSS in general. 
        The following two links are “must read items” for GNOME.Asia
                How to: (link to our how to wiki page of GNOME.Asia
                Summit) <-- if we don't have it soon, let's use the
                GUADEC one
                Check list: (link to our check list page of GNOME.Asia
                <-- if we don't have it soon, let's use the GUADEC one
        You will also find the templates of GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 and
        Proposals in the how to (or put links). For more details of the
        GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 and 2009, please visit and http://2009/
        GNOME.Asia is much like a few trees just planted and we want to
        grow a forest in Asia. We are looking for local organizers in
        any Asian country with the desire to take on and succeed in the
        challenges of organizing an excellent GNOME event. We know that
        you will need all the time you can get to prepare a proposal but
        we hope we have inspired you to get started. 
        We hope to hear from you on or before 31st March 2010. 
        Good luck!
        GNOME.Asia Summit committee 

On Fri, 2009-12-11 at 17:14 +0800, Pockey Lam wrote:
> It looks good! Since Andrew is an organizer of the event, when we
> released a call for host, maybe they can submit a proposal to see what's
> their offer? At the same time, we can try to see if there is any other
> countries who maybe interested in hosting it either in 2010 or 2011 ;)
> I also learned that they lack international speakers / participants in
> Icos, if we co-host it with them for 1 or 2 days, we can definitely help
> to bring international people to Taiwan :)
> Cheers,
> Pockey
> On Fri, 2009-12-11 at 16:27 +0800, Emily Chen wrote:
> > Hi all, 
> > 
> > I talked with Andree Lee who is a Taiwan debian developer after the
> > Summit 2009. He mentioned about Icos: 
> >
> > 
> > Which is an international conference about Open Source in Taiwan. He
> > said we can have a specific GNOME day during the event. 
> > 
> > I have already talked this idea with Stormy, Mario, Pockey,  and Fred,
> > I would like to investigate more about icos and hear your feedback
> > about this idea. 
> > 
> > Thanks, 
> > Emily 
> > 
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