Re: Event management software open source

Hi Fred,

I am. 

There is currently ongoing discussion of the updates to the summit
website  codebase used in 2008.  It was mostly updated for this year but
was not used. 

Behdad was following our conference website work during 2008, but has
since sort of fell off the map conversation wise. I should send him a
message or two to restart that conversation.

I personally don't think any current prebuilt free or low cost solution
is the best for our needs.  Judging by the completely terrible way the
website operated this year we can rule out wordpress as well.

There is no reason why we cannot continue the codebase we started with 2
years ago and improve it. We learned many of the things that we need to
handle cleanly and the TODO list has been sitting for awhile now.

One of the original design goals for the 2008 website was to make it
flexible enough that it did not need to be rebuilt each year. The
templates are re-useable, the database would simply be copied and off
and running the site goes.

There is no reason for a "best tool for the job" discussion.  It was had
in 2008. There was no discussion on it for 2009 either. I have looked at
the fsoss-con software and the core is pretty similar to what was
already done.

If people are interested in helping with this effort, feel free to speak


On Sat, 2009-12-12 at 11:05 +0800, Frederic Muller wrote:
> Following up on this front there is a thread started for Guadec, also
> looking at hosting their own open source project right here:
> One of the project seems to be using Django, so maybe a good fit for
> our current infrastructure?
> Who's our conference website lead by the way?
> Thanks.
> Fred
> Frederic Muller wrote: 
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I guess everyone is recovering from the great event we had last
> > weekend. Following up on the team meeting we had Sunday morning I
> > took a quick look at software covering the subject line. It seems
> > OCS could do the job for next year. For the
> > website feature list include:
> >       * create a conference Web site
> >       * compose and send a call for papers
> >       * electronically accept paper and abstract submissions
> >       * allow paper submitters to edit their work
> >       * post conference proceedings and papers in a searchable
> >         format
> >       * post, if you wish, the original data sets
> >       * register participants
> >       * integrate post-conference online discussions
> >       * Multiple languages
> >       * localization & translation tools
> >       * manage conferences that occur more than once (e.g. yearly)
> > That would avoid to go into a "best tool discussion" every year and
> > let us focus on organization instead of infrastructure development
> > and maintenance.
> > 
> > Since that was once of the action item, well here it is. It would be
> > nice to be able to keep the live feed we had in 2008 though.... :)
> > 
> > Fred
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