Re: Possible Candidate host for next summit 2010 - Taiwan? How do you think ?


When making plans for GNOME having a presence at other conferences, it
is good to ping Richard Stallman (rms gnu org).  This way, arrangements
can be made to promote the FSF as well.  Richard is always looking for
people to pass out FSF stickers at relevant events.

I have cc:ed Richard, but if you could ping him directly in the future
when coordinating Asian events, that would be helpful.



I talked with Andree Lee who is a Taiwan debian developer after the Summit 2009. He mentioned about Icos:

Which is an international conference about Open Source in Taiwan. He said we can have a specific GNOME day during the event.

I have already talked this idea with Stormy, Mario, Pockey, and Fred, I would like to investigate more about icos and hear your feedback about this idea.



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