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I sent a few comments the week after the summit related to the pop-up windows of the schedule. I also find redirecting people to fossasia is a problem: our objective is to promote GNOME, not fossasia, not LXDE and not to confuse people.

We also need to write something else on the front page now that the event is passed, letting people know what we're working on. Who has rights to publish things on



Mario Behling wrote:

this time it is easiest to send them by email. Preferably as odp and
also as pdf, if possible.



On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 11:07 AM, Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com> wrote:
Yes, sure. Send in another email.

Do we have a method for speakers to upload their slides, or you plan to
collect them through emails?


2009/12/6 Mario Behling <mb mariobehling de>
Hi Pockey,

I think people were a bit exhausted after the summit. Emily and I
talked about collecting presentations at the summit.

@Emily: Could you send me a zip with the talks you have?



On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 1:13 AM, Pockey Lam <pockey beijinglug org> wrote:
Hi Mario,

Have we sent emails to every registered / attendees to ask them to
upload pictures in different media , with the same tag of

And also blog about the event :)

Besides, where can we find the speakers' presentations as I haven't seen
them in the website yet... some audiences are asking. Thanks!


On Thu, 2009-11-26 at 00:47 +0800, Emily Chen wrote:
Hi all,

This is the meeting notes of GNOME.Asia Committee member meeting.

Add your comments and new ideas after this summit 2009.


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From: Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>
Date: 2009/11/22
Subject: notes from our meeting
To: Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com>

GNOME Asia Summit Meeting, 10:45am-11:40am


Past year, this year, next year
About everything

Past year is already done.

Is GNOME Asia just for the event or do we want to do something else
like users group? Or do we want to position ourselves with the other
desktop environments.
* promote gnome technologies
* raising awareness
* for developers and users

Beijing GNOME User Group:
* Beijing is the beginning
* GNOME is new to people
* Promote GNOME in Asia, get developers together
* Then can target users
* Build GNOME community in Asia
* Asia is different because everyone doesn't speak English

Follow the model of Debian with DebConf
* Difficult to establish all the relations, ask for sponsors, all at
once. Thing is to establish the relationships.
* DebConf has a global team with sponsors each year.
* Local partners for internet, rooms, food, ...
* The money is gotten on the global level. The same sponsors join
again and support it.
* 150 volunteers come one week before the event to set it up.
* 5,000-6,000 attendees, all developers
* There was a mini debconf in Taiwan, 40-50 attendees, AsianDeb, next
year in Thailand
* Hosts make the application 2 years before

* Do the call soon. Get the spot for next year and immediately put a
call for 2011.
* Candidates for next year:
  * Singapore (Emily talked to Alfred, talk to Red Hat, Eugene), good
community, hosting at a university
  * Taiwan, Thailand, maybe India, Cambodia,
  * talk to local communities first
  * send out call for hosting the event. ACTION OWNER: Emily
  * after the call goes out, contact the local teams. ACTION OWNER:
Emily & others
  * If people don't want to sponsor this year, we should ask them to
consider future years
* Sponsors
  * We need to ask for money as soon as we know where it is

This year's event feedback:
* Lost time on the website (was hard to do remotely)
  * DebConf local team owns website. GUADEC too but it is an issue.
* Connection to US made the website very slow
* Professional solution (expectation, pentabof)
* Why is there no open source solution for events
* Mediawiki (event organization), wordpress (event blogging) and
pentabof (Registration)
* Very short time to prepare
* Paperwork is difficult
* Must be a local company to organize an event in Vietnam
* Verify that the GNOME Foundation is a real company is difficult, we
got a stamp
* Might be easier if you have one strong international open source
company in that country
* More international than Beijing. Cambodian, Signapore, Chinese, ...
* Volunteers were great
* Gathering the press articles
* Has people walking around collecting pictures

Other ideas:
* Ask people to write blog entries before to advertise
* Gather flickr, twitters, etc in one site (Did it in Beijing, have
* Have signage to tell people how to tag, twitter, etc
* Write a how to have a GNOME Asia (put in wiki)
* Have a conference planning hackfest
* Have GUADEC stuff (not always relevant), have How to Plan a Software
Freedom Day event in Beijing
* Schedule, website, announcements in the morning (about
food, ...), ...
* Flexible but some stuff (like announce what it is even whatever it
is) should always happen

ACTION: ask all sponsored people to blog OWNER: Emily

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