DXS REST Proposal


After asking about making some UI changes to gnome-art on IRC today, I
was told you are interested in building a web service to make
interaction with art.gnome.org, and other desktop theme websites, easier
to do from client side applications.

I was told that the current proposal is to use SOAP for this, however
SOAP tends to be have a lot more bloat than neccesary for the

I have written a proposal on using a simpler system based on HTTP
GET/POST requests, which return the data in a much smaller, more
readable, format. This makes it a lot easier to debug, and reduces the
ammount of bandwidth required.

While it will require writing libraries to process the information, I
believe this will take less time in the long term than using SOAP.

You can find the proposal at http://wiki.jellybob.co.uk/dxs 

Jon Wood (Jellybob)

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