Re: [anjuta-list] Does anjuta know how to do documentation?


Le 30/03/2011 07:51, Paul Elliott a écrit :
If I write a rule to tell automake how to create a .pdf from a .doc file in my
.doc subdirectory can anjuta figure out the rest? like details like clean rules
and distribution stuff?

No, you need to write additional rule to install and package your files.

If not is using automake to produce documentation documented any where?

Anjuta is using an additional makefile (gnome-doc-utils.make) for doing it, but it is using custom make rules so it doesn't appear in the project manager.

Does anjuta know how to setup and deal with _DATA targets?

I'm not sure for the current version 2.32 or 2.30.

The new version 3.0 is able to read a _DATA targets and add and remove files in it. You cannot change the installation directory with the GUI as the hard code freeze has started before I have been able to commit my patch. It should be for the next release though.



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