Re: [Anjuta-list] How to install Anjuta 1.2?


Onur Kucuk wrote:
On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 15:01:00 +0100
"thomas.schorpp" <t schorpp gmx de> wrote:

TS> hi,
TS> TS> Ulrich Gehring wrote:
TS> > Hello together,
TS> > TS> > TS> >>the source is very hard to build on "kde friendly" systems like
TS> >suse and >slackware(?).
TS> > TS> > for Slackware + Dropline-Gnome it is easy.
TS> > I use Slackware 9.1.
TS> > You need the following Packages:
TS> >         libsigc++-1.2.5
TS> >         gtkmm-2.2.3 (needs long time to install)
TS> >         libgnomemm-1.3.10
TS> >         libgnomecanvasmm-2.0.0
TS> >         gconfmm-2.0.1
TS> >         orbitcpp-1.3.6
TS> >         libbonobomm-1.3.5
TS> >         libbonobouimm-1.3.5
TS> >         libglademm-2.0.1
TS> >         libgnomeuimm-1.3.16
TS> >         glademm-2.0.0
TS> >         anjuta-1.2.0.tar.gz from Anjuta-HP
TS> > All Packages install with:
TS> > ./configure --prefix=/usr
TS> > make
TS> > make install
TS> > and you will be :-)
TS> TS> no, i wont, im fucked up :[[

Here, even without the dropline on a plain slackware 9.1 Anjuta 1.2.0 installs fine with "./configure && make && make install" and nothing
more, nothing wrong.

is the help system working fine, too?

 I am pretty sure your anjuta download or the system you have installed
is either broken or missing a package "that is already in the slackware
9.1 cd".

define "broken", please, all except anjuta is running rock stable.

maybe i messed up, but im pretty sure the scrollkeeper and xml::parser arent on my 9.1 cds. did a full install, if i remember right...

after installing these packs it makes and installs now, but the help system hasnt worked so far. assume scrollkeeper misconf (by me).


P.S. I have heard a thousand times "it works for me ;)", but fact is, configure didnt check for those first-level dependencies, sorry.

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