[Anjuta-list] Build All finished ..... Incorrectly


I am switching from Kdevelop to Anjuta. I develop using wxWindows and I 
understand Anjuta provides better support for this toolkit.

First, I imported the project I'm working on, but then realized I would not be 
able to manage the Makefile through Anjuta. So, I built a new project in a 
different directory and moved my sources to it. It seems to work, sort of. I 
have the following problems:

1. If I change a source file and execute Build, the build process ends with 
the message mentioned in the subject line, although the executable is built 
correctly (or so it seems).

2. Adding the header files to the project creates a new top-level directory 
which Anjuta calls include. I use wxDesigner to develop dialogs, and it 
insists that sources and headers be placed in the same directory. Has anybody 
solved this problem?

Your assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you and regards.
Alfredo J. Cole

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