[Anjuta-list] Anjuta 1.0.1 and GTK-2 - works!?

I astonishingly can state that Anjuta 1.0.1  works with Glade-2 projects and
GTK-2 widgets.
I've created a new GNOME-2 project, than created (using Glade-2) a new
glade project (named just like the Anjuta project), but saved it in a different
directory. Than I've moved *.glade* files to the root directory of Anjuta
project, callbacks.*, interface.*, support.* and main.c from glade's src directory to Anjuta's src directory, opened project in Anjuta, added callbacks.c, interface.c, \
support.c files to project, made autogeneration, configure and Build all.
And my experiment application works!
To use Alt-G key kombination I've made a symlink "glade" for /usr/bin/glade-2.
To suppress annoying warnings I've switched off  "Warnings on differences
to traditional syntax" in compiler settings.
Have I missed something or misunderstood?
   Igor Gorbounov

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