[Anjuta-list] Re: [Anjuta-devel] Release 1.0.1 ?

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 12:03, Naba Kumar wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 11:00, Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
> >
> > How about making a release (honoring our policy of one major feature per
> > release - we have the tools stuff now). Naba, if you can make a 1.0.1
> > TODO, we can work on it and make a release this weekend.
> >
> Yes, I have been thinking about it too. There probably isn't much to do
> before the release. Everything seems to be going pretty well.

One thing is updating the manual - I'll try and add some stuff about
tools, etc. We also need to finalize the release notes from the
ChangeLog and NEWS files.

All, it would be nice to have someone volunteer for the manual update.

> > I'd like to add some much-needed stuff to the PM but it will take some
> > time (and is likely to destabilize the codebase a bit), so better make a
> > release now before I start working on it IMO.
> >
> I am also planning to clean up the editor preferences (it's a mess now
> and scattered everywhere). So, let's get the release done in a couple of
> days. I will prepare the RH8.0 rpms and the tarball and upload them in
> SF release site. You can then add your RH7.3 rpms there and go ahead
> with the announcements.

OK - I'll take care of the RH 7.3 RPMS.I guess you mean you'll do the
editor prefs after the release ?

Talking about preferences, I have a neat idea about Preferences which
goes like this:

1) Convert the GUI to Glade (easily done, 1-2 day job)
2) Name the widgets as preference.<widget type>.<property name>
3) Use glade_xml_get_widget_prefix() to get all widgets storing
poroperty values and populate/sync with them automatically.

This way, adding a new property will be as simple as editing the Glade
file and following the naming convention for the widget.

What do you think ? Is it worth trying (shouldn't take more than a week
to implement IMO). Some problems might crop up during the coding process
but IMO the potential gains is worth the pain.

I'll also try and post some ideas about making some incremental
improvements to the current project manager in the coming days. I really
desperately need Anjuta to handle multi-target projects. It is *THE*
thing holding up wider adoption among my team members at work :-(

BTW, *now* is a good time for people to put in requests for adding their
favourite project management feature(s) in Anjuta if you want it for
1.0.2 !


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> Regards,
> -Naba
> Ma Bell is a mean mother!

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