Re: [Anjuta-list] Bug in anjuta editor ? Highlight of /// and //! bad !

Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
Hi evrybody,

I have a not-serious but very annoying bug with the editor
of anjuta. When I start a comment with //! instead of //, for
using doxygen doc tool, there is no more syntax highlight
of the comment ! The same problem occurs with /// .

Is there sthg to do to fix this ?  I did not see it in bug list.

Yup - this is a known issue - the thing is that Doxygen style comments
are treated specially (/**@, /**!, ///, //!, etc) but they styles are
not applied due to a clash with local symbol wordlist. I'll try and have
a fix for this before the next release. The simplest fix would be to
disable the code in LexCPP.cxx which handles Doxygen stuff specially.

Yes, it's what I did, thanks to Marc Van Riet, I found the file LexCPP and
changed what needed to be. Exact places are easy to find because of comments
in code including "Doxygen" string.

But indeed, have a different way to see doxygen comments from other would
be great.

Thanks. Erwan.

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