Re: [Anjuta-list] Print multiple pages per sheet / printer filters

On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 20:26, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> > 
> > To get multiple pages of my source code on a sheet, I print to file in
> > Anjuta, and process the postcript file with psnup.
> > Unfortunately, Anjuta seems to put a new-page character in the
> > postscript.  As a result, the pages are at half size, but they are still
> > on a seperate page.
> Probably the best thing isn't to print from Anjuta then. I found a good
> little perl script called "printCode" (take a look at,
> you'll find it). It uses a2ps to do it's work but it's very nice and I
> think what you're looking for.
> It would be nice if Anjuta could integrate some of it's features. I
> haven't got a clue why it's adding a new-page character in the
> postscript. If it is, it's probably in SCiTE not Anjuta itself.
The printing support in Anjuta is absolutely independent of scintilla
(scite, for that matter). The code for it could be found in printing/
module in anjuta source tree. I am not sure from where the new page
chars are being inserted. Either it's Anjuta, in which case it would be
easy to fix it, or gnome-print library, in which case we are out of luck
(unless we fix gnome-print library itself).


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