Re: [Anjuta-list] How to specify current dir?

--- Andy Piper <andy piper freeuk com> wrote:
> On 2001.12.20 00:13 [A]ndy80 - Andrea  Grandi wrote:
> > I'm using Anjuta to develop my Java classes.
> > I've seen that in Settings-->Commands-->Java I can have access to
> some
> > environment variables such as $(current.filename)
> > I'd like to know the variable that point to current path, since
> I've to
> > specify it to execute a class:
> Try current.file.dir - I've never tried it, but I've just looked in
> src/anjuta.h where this stuff is defined, and that looks like a
> good bet.
> A list of these needs to be added to the manual. One more thing for
> the massive TODO list :-/

They are also (partly) documented in file as

Andy, you can just copy and paste that comment section into the
manual (and perhaps with some words about them from you).



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