Re: [Anjuta-list] Anjuta Bug Report

--- tuco <tuco email gte net> wrote:
> PROBLEM:  Programs created in the anjuta IDE that use macro
> continue on the  
> next line character '\' need to be followed by a newline character.
> Apparently this is not being done by the anjuta editor.   The
> following 
> program does not compile if created or saved in the anjuta IDE but
> will 
> compile if saved with say the MCEDIT program.
> EXAMPLE:   The follow code does not compile on my machine if
> created in
> the anjuta IDE. But if it is saved with MCEDIT, it will compile.
> #include <stdio.h> 
> #define MACRO_FOO  printf("Hello "); \
>                    printf("Foo\n") 

Please enable the view->editor->whitespaces and make sure you LF end
of line after the line. It you get CRLF end of line, then just
convert that to LFs and see if the problem is gone. I am not sure if
it is the problem, but I believe it is something similar.


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