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I've just committed my changes on system-db-refactor.
I saw that you put a package-scanner on language-support-cpp-java
plugin. I was planning to add that code on symbol-db side, avoiding the
other  plugins to provide the list of files to scan and add them to db.
Would it be possible to move that CppPackageScanner at anjuta-pkg-config
 side so that it's usable from symbol-db?

Yes, I guess it would be better to move CppPackageScanner to libanjuta as
AnjutaPackageScanner. However, I would still like to provide the list of
files from language-support-cpp-java plugin because I might want to allow
the creating of custom packages and also some predefined
non-pkg-config ones (like libc).

Actually my (still not working) modifications could use that code to 
auto load the project required packages at project-loaded time. See 
symbol-db/plugin.c on_project_loaded ().

I think symbol-db shouldn't care about pkg-config at all since it is C/C
++ specific and should be handled by the correspondending plugin. I
already have the project loading code in the CppJavaPlugin and it is
working ok for me. As the user is only interested when he works on C/C++
files I think it is reasonable to scan the packages once the first file is


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