Re: [anjuta-devel] User experience of the debug manager

Hi Nancí,

Le 09/02/2011 04:57, Nancí de Brito Bonfim a écrit :

Bug 307515 - drag and drop variable symbol onto watches for simple expressions

It looks like the easiest one.

Bug 564285 - Inspect/Evaluate window is hard to use

It looks more interesting but quite easy too. I think it's possible to add new value by editing the name in an empty row. Probably we can make this more obvious by adding something <Type Here> like in glade in the first empty row.

Bug 631139 - Display arrays in "watches" window as textbox

I don't know exactly how it can be done but it shouldn't be too difficult.

Bug 631156 - Add a start debugger button in the toolbar

This bug is still open because I don't know exactly which additional button should I put in the interface.

I have already added a button to run the debugger when the debugger is stop and stop the debugger when it is running.

I think it would be nice if the execute button could execute the program with the debugger is the Debug configuration is used else without the debugger with a small arrow allowing to select if you want the debugger or not like the File New and File Open. It's probably possible by defining a new action used only here.

But I'm not sure if it will be really better. The reporter hasn't replied to my latest proposal.

Bug 392551 - Disassembly window has a huge scroll bar length

I'm not sure, it's very important. Then the issue is that it displays the whole memory 4Gb even on a 32 bits system so obviously the scroll bar range is big. I think it's useful to be able to go back and forward but something special would be better. We can look how it's done for browsing bug collection of photos by example.

Bug 633491 - Show NULL if a pointer is NULL

I don't think it's very important. The data displayed here comes from gdb, I don't know if can really know if the data is null or not. Well, it's always possible by sending another command but it's more complex.

I had another idea, that was someting like the "display" of GDB, that I
can use to display the result of expressions - as function calls. I
don't know if the watcher expressions should do this. But if it does,
adding such expression should actually be made easier and it's quite

I think the watch box can already display expressions.

For instance, I think that by default
we should be able to see the terminal output and the local variables,
without having to drag and drop the locals tab.

I don't have the issue, when I start the debugger the terminal output and local variables windows appears at the bottom. The layout of the windows are saved in gdl, perhaps there is an issue here.



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