Re: [anjuta-devel] symbol-db progress

Hi both,

Le 09/02/2011 20:59, Abderrahim Kitouni a écrit :
Is there some other files for vala header ? If yes how could I get them ?
valac looks for PKG.vapi (where PKG is the pkg-config package name), in
vala/vapi and vala-VERSION/vapi directories in system data dirs. (not
really easy, and although nice to have, if we can get something
interesting in the symbol browser, it may be enough).
Le 09/02/2011 21:01, Jens Georg a écrit :
> And XDG user dirs. (.local/share)

Ok, I think this can be done quite easily.

The only way I can see to identify a "pure Vala" project is to see if
all source files have a vala extension, so it's not really easy. (there
is AM_PROG_VALAC, but 1) it can be replaced by a AC_PATH_PROGS 2) it
only means that the project uses Vala, not that it is pure Vala).

I think we need rather to identify if the project uses C (to add C header files) and if it uses vala (to add vala header files). In both cases, it seems that the only solution is to check for source file extension which is not 100% reliable but I think it's enough for such nice to have feature.

I'd rather wait for the symbol-db issue to be fixed, and then see what
we could do.

Ok, I prefer to work on fixing more general (but less visible) issues when updating autotools projects so I don't know if this will be fixed for the next release. But if you think it's really important, I think it could still be done.



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