Re: [anjuta-devel] [GCI] Add Python wizard to class-gen plugin

Hi Johannes,

I will leave the Header and Source File entryboxes as they are at the moment,
until we figure out what the best solution is.

I think you can just disable the header file entry when using python (or
other languages that don't have header files, basically any but C/C++).
Just call gtk_widget_set_sensitive (FALSE) on the widget when the tab


Second, in the class-gen wizard you can specify "Class Elements", for
C++/GObject classes.  Well, what class elements are there for Python?

I've thrown together a short list of possible Python class elements:
  - Class variables

  - Class constants (practically the same as class variable, but as a
    convention in Python you write them in UPPERCASE letters)

  - Class methods (public, pseudoprivate, private, built-ins)

These three are enough IMHO!

Good. You think it's a good idea to merge class variables and constants?

    In Python pseudoprivate methods are the ones who start with a leading
    underscore, but they are not really private, but anyway I'm just citing
    the Python documentation.

    I'd say a programmer will know what kind of methods he wants, I guess. So
    can I let the "Implementation" column out? Also Implementation sounds
    confusing to me in the case of Python.
    Maybe "Type" would be better?

Don't know if "Type" is better for C++, I guess it is obvious for the
choices given anyway.

Sorry, I meant if "Type" were better for Python. Well, we can change that
easily later on.

Anyway, for Python I think programmers will know about those
pseudo-private methods so they will be able to prefix them with _ and we
don't need this column.


Thanks for your excellent feedback, Johannes!

Kind regards,

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