Re: [anjuta-devel] New project-manager and symbol-db


Le 03/12/2010 10:52, Johannes Schmid a écrit :
I noticed something else (probably just not implemented yet): The run
dialog doesn't show the executable targets anymore.

No, it should work. This was a bug in the run program plugin due to the changes in the project manager. There was similar problems in the debug manager and the build plugins, I have fixed all of them.

The things which are not working are the write in the project under various condition. By example: - add a package in the file which doesn't include any package doesn't work because the package is added at the beginning of the file. - When you add a target or a group property and then remove it, the variable name is still kept in the with an empty value.
- Some target properties are not writable like install directory.

Anyway, if you find such issue, it's interesting to report it so I can fix it first but I already know enough issues to be kept occupied for quite some time.



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