Re: [xslt] Pull request : xsltproc --fileparam

Why don't you simply use something like

    --stringparam fileparam "$(cat test.txt)"

Mainly to be able to import files/string that contain a random mix of
double and simple quotes.

xsltproc --stringparam paramname "a\"b'c"

The reason behind all that is that I implemented an experimental parser
in xslt. Parser is stylesheet, grammar is input tree and text is string
parameter. Adding --fileparam on xsltproc enables using xsltproc for
that kind of purpose.

It worked fine (just a bit slow) on Firefox's Transformiix. JS xslt
interface allows passing freely any types as parameters, including huge
strings and even node sets. (what about a --xmlfileparam for xsltproc ?)

I'd like to get the parser working on libxslt too. Unfortunately, it
relies on exslt:regex. I'll try implement exslt:regex on my repo... stay
tuned ;)

Any known previous attempt ? Any recommendation before I start ? Looks
like a tab/space hell in there... What should be the rule ?



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