Re: [xslt] Availability of libxslt-1.2.29 release candidate 2

Daniel Veillard wrote:

   I just tagged in git a release candidate 2, and pushed to the server the
signed tarball and rpms for rc2:

    I will run this on my machine for the next few weeks, and see if there
is any nastyness popping up. I suggest others to do so too for their workload !

   Nick also made some fixes in the libxml2 XPath code, so I would suggest
to update to the lastest libxml2-2.9.4-rc2 to check any impact on the
XSLT processing for the changes affecting both packages.

   Hopefully things will look good and I will push the final relase next
week-end but there is also a possibility of an rc3 if I don't have everything
lined up by next w.e.

Perhaps you would like to rename to

For unknown reason documentation update fail ...
$ cd doc
$ touch
$ touch news.html
$ make rebuild
Parsing ../libxslt/xsltutils.h
Parse Error: parsing function type, ')' expected
Got token  ('sep', ',')
Last token:  ('sep', ',')
Token queue:  [('name', '5'), ('sep', ')'), ('sep', ';')]
Line 168 end:
make: [EXSLT/libexslt-refs.xml] Error 1 (ignored)

No other build or test issues


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