Re: [xslt] An Invalid xpath expression xsl:template/@match node is ignored

On 07/31/2012 07:28 PM, Nick Wellnhofer wrote:
On 31/07/2012 17:46, Nicolas Delaby wrote:

Dear libxslt maintainers,
I discover that performing a transformation with a invalid xpath
expression in a template match attribute doesn't prevent the
transformation to perform and lead to compromise the transformation
Instead, I would expect to have a proper failure like `could not compile
match expression`

The way I read it, this behavior doesn't violate the specification.
Section 17 "Conformance" says:

"A conforming XSLT processor must signal any errors except for those
that this document specifically allows an XSLT processor not to signal.
A conforming XSLT processor may but need not recover from any errors
that it signals."

libxslt does signal the error and tries to recover by ignoring the

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your answer
I see the point.

But if I change a bit my stylesheet to put the invalid xpath expression in a xsl:apply-templates/@select , it does try to continue the transformation.

<xsl:apply-templates select="sub_node1||sub_node2" />

$ xsltproc xpath-typo.xsl document.xml
XPath error : Invalid expression
compilation error: file xpath-typo.xsl line 6 element apply-templates
XSLT-apply-templates: could not compile select expression 'sub_node1||sub_node2'
error: file xpath-typo.xsl line 10 element template
xsltCompilePattern : NULL pattern

Why it stops here ?
I guess the compiler can not recover from this error, so it doesn't have other choice than stopping. But may be there is another explanation ?

IMHO, I do not like this strategy to recover from errors automatically.

Apart from my personal opinion :), the only way to know if something goes wrong is to read stderr right ? Or is there is something more explicit ?

Thanks again,
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