Re: [xslt] An Invalid xpath expression xsl:template/@match node is ignored

On 31/07/2012 17:46, Nicolas Delaby wrote:

Dear libxslt maintainers,
I discover that performing a transformation with a invalid xpath
expression in a template match attribute doesn't prevent the
transformation to perform and lead to compromise the transformation logic.
Instead, I would expect to have a proper failure like `could not compile
match expression`

The way I read it, this behavior doesn't violate the specification. Section 17 "Conformance" says:

"A conforming XSLT processor must signal any errors except for those that this document specifically allows an XSLT processor not to signal. A conforming XSLT processor may but need not recover from any errors that it signals."

libxslt does signal the error and tries to recover by ignoring the template.


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