Re: [xslt] Isn't it time to make libxslt multi-threaded?

Uff... Sory for double-posting, but it took a week and 6 mailboxes to get the message delivered to the list. Something is wrong, perhaps .ru domain seem to be banned.
Nevertheless, in the attachment is an idea I believe to be good. It needs persistent threads and other real-world-fixes, perl shows only obvious easy-to-read abstract algorithm of the three-parser threading.

Unfortunately our company have no C-programmers to do the job right, but we can provide whatever support is needed and make some (reasonable :) donations if needed. And this will at once make libxslt the fastest xslt-processing engine, that's quite a good thing by itself. Any ideas?

ps. When it rains it poors, three messages are already here. I hope my week-old mails will not pop up now... I'm really sorry but I've lost any hope today :)

On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 1:59 AM, Дмитрий Грибов <grib gribuser ru> wrote:
Isn’t it a time to do some threading?

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