[xslt] trouble building libxslt from xmlsoft

libxslt always looks for libiconv in /usr/lib instead of /mingw/lib

I am trying to build libxslt for win32 with mingw (gcc 4.7) and using the native mingw libraries for libxml2, zlib and iconv. I can download precomiled binaries fro xmlsoft, but libxslt from xmlsoft doesn't find libiconv.dll on $PATH (.:/usr/local/bin:/mingw/bin:/bin) maybe because in /mingw/bin it's named libiconv-2.dll and in /bin it's named msys-iconv-2.dll. So you can download their iconv, xml2, xmlsec, zlib, etc, - that's what I did as a workaround, and put it in /opt which I can add to $PATH. But I would rather just rebuild xslt. 

1. edit configure to add -f to RM since it throws an error, "can't delete libtoolT" on lines containing "RM $(ofile)T"
2. from msys shell ./configure --without-python --without-crypto
3. make
libtool: link: returns the error, "/usr/lib/libiconv.la is not a valid archive"

I tried various ways of overriding the library 
--with-libxml-libs-prefix='-L/usr/lib -lxml2 -L/mingw/lib -liconv'
LIBXML_LIBS='-L/usr/lib -lxml2 -L/mingw/lib -liconv'
I also tried LDFLAGS, but no matter what it always looks for libiconv.la in /usr/bin.

I tracked down the line in libtools that is the culprit, and it looks like it just ignores the -L/mingw/lib part so I must be entering the configure options incorrectly.

I also tried to autoconf and autoreconf, but there are no configure.ac or autogen.sh files in the tarball.

I also tried using the win32 folder that xmlsoft provides, and running cscript configure.js in a windows cmd console, after adding the path to my mingw and msys binaries. I used mingw32-make instead of make. I had to edit configure.js to include the headers, but it crashed somewhere in the c code (sorry I abandoned this approach, so I didn't record the actual error). I also tried msvc, using vcvarsall.bat, but I didn't try that hard, I had issues with libraries, but again, sorry, I didn't record the actual errors. I saw another mail list post on gnome-xslt for the same thing though, so I think the developers are aware of issues with the .js script, but most of the windows bugs are marked as resolved, notourbug or notgnome, so I didn't think it was correct to file a bug, especially since the binaries are available.

Thanks for any help.
Mark Mikofski

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