Re: [xslt] Fwd: libxslt-1.1.26 compile error on Solaris SPARC

Hello Thomas,
Floodeenjr, Thomas wrote:

I am unaware of any such manual.
I'm not sure that remove of version script is proper solution. I know you previous post where you reference . Currently links in openoffice bug from Michael Stahl post are not valid but I found more recent at this location . Only libxslt-internal-symbols.patch <> is in the scope of this project.

I'm not expert in version scripts. A good reference to solaris linker manual including version script could help Daniel or other to write better cross platform script.

If you want, I can send you the files in a different archive format. I would send the canges in the diff format that is so common in this group, but the changes are many, and I do not know how to create such a format.
7z program should to support tar container with gzip compression. May be archive with with lzma compression will be read on most of platforms.


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