Re: [xslt] crappy formatting with <xsl:text>

Thanks, than is there a way to achieve the desired output without
using the <xsl:text> element?


On 7/27/11, Nick Wellnhofer <wellnhofer aevum de> wrote:
> That's the way the indenting works in libxml2. As soon as an element
> containing a text node is found, indenting is disabled for all the
> contents of that element. So if you had something like the following,
> everything should work as expected:
> <another-element>
>      <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">&#38;some-link-name;</xsl:text>
> </another-element>
> If the entity reference must be created inside the chapter element, then
> I don't think there's a way to achieve indenting.
> Nick

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