Re: [xslt] [xml] Problem with xsltproc on Windows

Clifford Yapp wrote:
> Hi!  I've been trying to do some Docbook processing with xsltproc on
> Windows, and I am having some difficulties.  I'm not sure if this is a
> libxml issue, libxslt issue, or both so I have emailed both lists:
> Using the Windows binaries for libxml, libxslt and xsltproc.exe from
> I get the following results
> when trying to use xsltproc with a catalog file (I'm using a CMake
> script to set the environment variables and actually launch the
> command).  This setup works (obviously with different paths) on all
> non-Windows systems I've tried it on - is there something special I
> need to do for catalog files on Windows?
> Any help appreciated - thanks!  (Let me know if anything besides what
> is below is needed or would be helpful.)

Could be related to


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