Re: [xslt] Compiling LibXSLT on Win32 using MinGW

Michael Ludwig wrote:
Nick Wellnhofer schrieb am 02.09.2010 um 12:05 (+0200):

Is the build script configure.js broken or supposed to work? Just
asking because the Makefile it generated didn't seem 100 % up to par.

It is supposed to work at least with MSVC. Can you try to pass
'incdir' instead of 'include' to configure.js?

Passing the include directories as "incdir" instead of "include" to
configure.js does not produce a working Makefile either, which isn't
surprising: "incdir" is where to install the headers (by default in

My configure/make skills aren't sufficient to deal with this issue, so
I'm just going to use MSXML instead.

What about to use configure script ?


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