Re: [xslt] Compiling LibXSLT on Win32 using MinGW

Nick Wellnhofer schrieb am 02.09.2010 um 12:05 (+0200):

> >Is the build script configure.js broken or supposed to work? Just
> >asking because the Makefile it generated didn't seem 100 % up to par.
> It is supposed to work at least with MSVC. Can you try to pass
> 'incdir' instead of 'include' to configure.js?

Passing the include directories as "incdir" instead of "include" to
configure.js does not produce a working Makefile either, which isn't
surprising: "incdir" is where to install the headers (by default in

My configure/make skills aren't sufficient to deal with this issue, so
I'm just going to use MSXML instead.

Michael Ludwig

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