Re: [xslt] confusing error message "function format-date bound to undefined prefix date"

By reducing the application I now have a minimalistic test case which
reproduces the issue. The problem occured because the author included
the template file "str.replace.function.xsl" (which implements
str:replace) even though libxslt provides its own builtin str:replace
function. Removing the include makes the problem go away.

The full test case is provided as an attachment to this mail. What I'm
still wondering about is why the "split into two lines" version still
runs fine even though it's basically the same thing as the "one-liner"
version, and why libxslt is yelling about an unbound prefix 'date'
when it actually is bound. If anything, it should be complaining about
str:replace, not date:format-date.

Any insight on why this is happening would be appreciated.

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