[xslt] Is there interest in a new xsldbg release that depends on Qt and libxml/libxslt only?


I am the author of xsldbg a xslt debugger (see 
http://xsldbg.sourceforge.net/ )  which now a days is shipped with KDE 3.5.x 
and soon KDE 4.1. 

Would there be interest in a new source release that depended on 
libxml/libxslt + Qt 4 only? Such a release would have a few bug fixes and 
some features as compared to a release like xsldbg 3.1.7.

Daniel Veillard : Thanks for maintaining support for the callbacks used by the 
debugger, eg

Supporting new versions of libxml/libxslt has been relatively easy considering 
that at times I need to peek into the internals of libxml/libxslt.


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