[xslt] Very simple question, major headache.

I have a XML document with a list of records:

    <Data />

And I need to output some of these records, but not all of them. The rules
upon which I decide to output are complex, and I won't bore you with the

Also, after every 5th record has been output, I need to write some kind of
marker in the output stream.

Something like this:

Record 1
Record 23
Record 45
Record 70
Record 72
Record 83

How exactly would I go about doing this?

In any other language, it's easy easy:

If (yes_output_record)
   count = count + 1;

   if (count modulo 5 = zero)


I can't understand why it's so complicated to do something like this.
Surely there must be some "easy as pie" solution out there?

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