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On Fri, Jan 11 2008 07:46:55 +0000, gr active-media-group com wrote:
> I have to extend xsltproc with a set of our defined funcion and as I'm not a 
> pro c programmer (as I'm a java programmer) I'm not able to compile my 
> library file against the source code of libxslt. I try to compile it with the 
> whole libxslt, adding some lines (maybe in the wrong way) to the make file 
> but there's no way to compile it.

Presumably your project would use the GNU Autotools with a 'configure'
script, etc.

Here's an extract from a '' that I've used in the past (where
the extensions used GLib):

## Process this file with automake to produce




example_com_plugin_la_SOURCES = \
example_com_plugin_la_LDFLAGS = \
	-module -avoid-version -rpath $(plugindir)
example_com_plugin_la_LIBADD = \

where (paraphrasing my '') LIBXSLT_PLUGINS_DIR is defined

   LIBXSLT_PLUGINS_DIR=`xslt-config --plugins`

> I see that the make don't compile the testplugin.c file. So I can't even try 

testplugin.c is compiled when you run 'make tests'.

> to put this example file in /usr/local/lib/libxslt-plugins/ folder. 
> Can somebody help me please?
> Another question, having a look (more than one for real) at the source code of 
> TestPlugin.c there's this comment
> function libxslt:test() for testing the extensions support.
> but in the test xslt file this is the call to the function and the element:
> <libxslt:testplugin/>
> <xsl:value-of select="libxslt:testplugin('SUCCESS')"/>
> Is anything I miss or is an error in the documentation?

The mapping of XSLT extension element and function names and namespaces
to C functions in testplugin.c is in xmlsoft_org_xslt_testplugin_init()

    xsltRegisterExtModuleFunction((const xmlChar *) "testplugin",
                                  (const xmlChar *) XSLT_TESTPLUGIN_URL,
    xsltRegisterExtModuleElement((const xmlChar *) "testplugin",
                                 (const xmlChar *) XSLT_TESTPLUGIN_URL,

> Another question, should the library and the function inside the library (our 
> function not the one to load an unload the library in xsltproc) respect any 
> kind of naming convention? I ask this because I see some example around where 
> if the namespace is www.test.xml/test the library is called

There's nothing special about the C function name.  Of course, it's
easier for people to make the association if the C function name has
some resemblance to the XSLT element or function name.

The name of the extension library *is* significant for dynamic plugins.

>From the comment in extensions.c [2]:

 * xsltExtModuleRegisterDynamic:
 * @URI:  the function or element namespace URI
 * Dynamically loads an extension plugin when available.
 * The plugin name is derived from the URI by removing the 
 * initial protocol designation, e.g. "http://";, then converting
 * the characters ".", "-", "/", and "\" into "_", the removing
 * any trailing "/", then concatenating LIBXML_MODULE_EXTENSION.
 * Plugins are loaded from the directory specified by the 
 * environment variable LIBXSLT_PLUGINS_PATH, or if NULL, 
 * by LIBXSLT_DEFAULT_PLUGINS_PATH() which is determined at
 * compile time.
 * Returns 0 if successful, -1 in case of error. 

Plus you need to use "extension-element-prefixes" in your stylesheet
even when you're using only extension functions [3]:

   Registration of new functions or elements are bound to the activation
   of the module. This is currently done by declaring the namespace as
   an extension by using the attribute extension-element-prefixes on the
   xsl:stylesheet element.


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